We have clients from a varied segments and we recognize the market space in which each of them operate, the markets that they would like to target and the approach that they would could take therefore.

    We help our clients plan, implement and monitor their direct marketing initiatives. 
    We understand the markets that clients want to target while launching a product, spreading brand awareness or generating leads. We help them to source, mine, validate and maintain their databases to identify the prospects in their targeted markets. 

    Introducing a product or service or inducing a trial or generating leads is the objective of a promotion.

    We implement nationwide and ongoing promotions for clients across FMCG, Durables, IT and the Service Industries. These promotions are handled on a turnkey basis – where in we plan the format of the promotions, we design its identity and production, we select the site / location, recruit train and monitor executives and create a final report for the client to get a clear up date on the activities.
    At AD'WIZ we work with Demand Generation Techniques that help create, nurture, and manage buying interest in your products and services.

    Our Demand Generation Programs are very effective as they encourage the consumer to interact with and share experiences with other user and non- users of the same Product category.
    AD'WIZ has the expertise to provide innovative and creative road show concepts; backed by an infrastructure that can successfully implement the concept on a nationwide scale.

    Operationally we design the float, fabricate the float, format activities on the float, design and implement promotions, plan the routes and itineraries, acquire necessary permissions, trap and analyze customer reactions and encounters whilst conducting the road show.
    We have the capability and experience to handle both large format and very niche industry and trade exhibitions. The complete exhibition management solution of AD'WIZ includes – database research, designing the exhibition venue format, venue identification, exhibitor promotion, onsite management, visitor promotion and registration and other aspects of an exhibition.
    Be it a Sales conference, Annual planning conference, Training and Motivational program, a dealer conference, an outdoor team building program or a special audience conference; you can outsource the entire planning and execution of all arrangements towards the event to us.

    Be it travel bookings and accommodation or any other logistical arrangements we ensure the deliverables. We take onto ourselves the entire responsibility of arrangements for the event, allowing you to focus exclusively on the core agenda.
    We know that an impactful Product Launch works wonders in instantly multiplying your potential consumer base, getting noticed and shake up your competitors’. A Product Launch that creates a hype is the best way to kick start a product, gain market share and enhance you brand and that is exactly what Ad'Wiz can do for you.
    A visually appealing and creative design makes a big difference when it comes to getting noticed. Our clients needn’t look any further for creative input. Be it an outdoor Campaign, a road show or any other promotional flyer, Brochure, Catalogue or Billboard we'll take care of it.

    At AD'WIZ we have a team of dedicated Design professionals who come onboard right from the first discussion and stay with us through the process to ensure that the Campaign is suitably and impactfully designed. 

    We ensures that New Products that require Branding get the maximum in terms of Design and service. We deliver professional, efficient and prompt service at the best price possible. 
    When we talk of marketing today it includes a high impact, up to date Website that works as an avenue to keep the consumer informed and in touch with you. The internet has far reaching possibilities.

    In this regard we ensures that your website highlights all your products and services efficiently and our team also plays a part in helping drive more traffic to your website.

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